What are the parts of the Pediatric Balance?

Baby scales are equipment that are usually used by pediatric professionals and also parents from home, and are designed to weigh and measure children. These teams are a tool that contributes to the growth and development of the child. As for the evolution of the same, it is important to take into account the measurement and weight of the baby in its first years of life, therefore, thanks to the use of the scales will allow you to know exactly when monitoring the type of feeding with which it is developing.
Also, using the scale makes it easy to take into account the weight of the baby by placing it safely on these measuring platforms, which determines in part the evolutionary processes of the baby. And thanks to technology, and the contribution it generates in knowing teams that are able to meet the needs of users, it is necessary to emphasize their integration and contribution to the growth of people.

Use of the Pediatric Balance Sheet

The pediatric scale, is a pediatric device capable to specifically take into account the weight and measurements of the child, made with resistant materials, has a large and comfortable tray to support the baby. Initially they are functional to measure body mass and thus be able to take control in the processes of growth and monitor the feeding that is being given to the baby to arrange if health measures should be taken.

It is really important to be in control and constant with supervision in the evolution of the baby, so accuracy is an important means in this practice. Practices such as measuring and weighing become faster and more accurate. And with the use of the baby scales, the attention times to the child patient are improved.

It is worth noting, and remember that pediatric scales are used for measurements and weight control of the baby for medical purposes, and therefore must be calibrated correctly.

Parts of the Pediatric Balance

By using the pediatric balance, body mass can be calculated to keep track of growth and to monitor whether the feeding is adequate.ย  In this sense, the scale works for infants under two years of age and over 15 kg, up to 20k kg; it also has graduations of every 10 to 20 grams. It has:

  • Heavy duty tray to place child concave
  • Low battery and current indicators to be rechargeable
  • Safety system for overweight
  • Illuminated LCD

Therefore, with the use of the balance and the analysis of the data of the controls coupled to the growth curve, it will allow to detect any type of eventuality associated with health, to be able to proceed if necessary to carry out the appropriate treatments.

On the other hand, the graduation of the equipment is not the same as the accuracy, since there is a noticeable difference between the moderate weight values given in the changes of the results after the commas; unlike the degrees of the weight shown on screen and the real, because in any classic scale only the normal graduation of 10gr is appreciated, in contrast with the baby scale offered by Kalstein, usually have differences of 5, 10 or 20 gr between each measure.

Kalstein Brand Baby Scale

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