Gel Documentation

Gel documentation systems are one of the main supports of research and analysis of results, which undoubtedly makes it indispensable in areas such as molecular, cellular, biochemical biology; so they require high resolution systems and recognition of multiple images, so the procedure of gels needs greater sensitivity to ensure accurate and efficient results.

It is part of the equipment required in the laboratories of molecular, cellular and biochemical biology, due to the option of backup and tests requested, for this reason it is important to have a system of documentation of gels from the point of view of scientific researchers, since it allows them to process the gels of high resolution and multiple image recognition systems to ensure the quality of the results.

Types of Gel Documentation a Laboratory May Need

Gel System- YR04963-YR04964

YR04963 Series Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of....


Gel System YR04961- YR04962

YR04961 Series Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and ...


Our Best Selling Gel Documentation System

Today, digital development makes available image analysers or gel documentation systems, specifically designed to meet the needs and budget of the laboratory. These provide innovative solutions for both image capture and analysis, and are configured based on the techniques used by each researcher.

Samples that need to be analyzed are then loaded into tiny wells in the gel with the help of a pipette. Once the charge is ready, an electric current of 50-150 V is applied. Now, the charged molecules present in the sample begin to migrate through the gel to the electrodes.

Analysis of the best Gel Documentation for your Laboratory

What is a gel documentation system?

A gel documentation system is a device for viewing, photographing, and analyzing post-electrophoresis gel bands...


Gel documentation: types and uses

The documentation of gels is a process that is carried out in a photodocumentation of gels, this equipment is part...


Is a Gel Documentation System important?

At present, technological development allows to have documentation systems in gel, to apply to the needs of the laboratories...


Documentation of gels and protein purification

Gel documentation is a process that is carried out in a piece of equipment that allows you to observe, take photos...


Guides to becoming an expert in Gel Documentation

Gel documentation equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert...

Why is a gel documentation system important?

This equipment offers a number of benefits to laboratories so its use is indispensable, first of all it is designed for the...

Documentation of electrophoresis gels: How do they work?

A documentation system of electrophoresis gels consists of a composite equipment that is used to observe, take photos ....

What is a gel photo documentation system?

Molecular biology is a science that has had a great advance in recent years, electrophoresis is a technique commonly used...

What is a fluorescence gel photo documentation system?

A gel photo documentation system is a composite system used to observe, take photos and analyze the bands of the gels obtained from electrophoretic runs. These systems are designed to allow obtaining sharp, high-quality images, offering better analysis, and providing...

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