The Tissue Processor in Today’s Medical Science

The field of medicine has evolved due to the use of advanced equipment like the tissue processor. While this instrument may seem mysterious to some, it is actually an everyday tool in the laboratory. From preparing tissues for histopathology to micro-anatomical research, the applications of the tissue processor are countless. 

As a leading Kalstein manufacturer, we want to demystify this indispensable equipment, discussing its features, operation, price, and how its use boosts current medical science.

What is a Tissue Processor and how does it work?

The tissue processor is a laboratory equipment that has the task of preparing tissue samples for microscopic examination. This process involves the dehydration, clearing, and infiltration of the tissue with a substance, usually paraffin, that hardens it for later cutting. Tissue processors are vital for the accurate diagnosis of diseases, as they provide detailed images to the pathologist.

The applications of the tissue processor are vast and cover various areas of medical science. It is used in pathologic anatomy for the microscopic examination of tissues, necessary to understand and diagnose diseases. In research, it is essential for the study of cellular and tissue structure. Recent advances even suggest its possible use in 3D bio-printing and regenerative therapies.

Purchase and Price of the Tissue Processor

Tissue processors can be a significant investment, but their value justifies the price in terms of the quality and accuracy of the diagnosis. When choosing a manufacturer, it is important to consider factors such as reliability, technical support, and equipment performance. As a Kalstein manufacturer, we assure that our tissue processors offer the best quality for their price, backed by an exceptional post-sales support team.

When buying a tissue processor, laboratories gain agility and precision in diagnostics. The speed of the equipment allows for quick results, while its accuracy assures a reliable diagnosis. This makes the tissue processor an invaluable tool in the laboratory. If you want to know about the high-end product catalogue that we at KALSTEIN have for you, visit us at

Modernizing Medical Science with the Tissue Processor

Demystifying the use of the tissue processor means understanding its vital utility in current medical science. This equipment modernizes and speeds up diagnosis and research, improving the understanding of diseases and opening new paths for their treatment. We invite laboratories to consider the sale and purchase of tissue processors as a significant investment in society’s health and well-being.

The tissue processor is much more than laboratory equipment: it is a critical piece in medical decision-making and the opportunity to improve lives. As a Kalstein manufacturer, we are proud to be at the centre of this revolution, providing high-quality equipment that surpasses the challenges of modern medical science.