Storing Hematological Plasmas with the Use of Laboratory Freezers

December 21, 2022by Kalstein

A laboratory freezer is a freezer used to store samples for scientific or medical purposes. These freezers are designed to maintain a constant temperature and prevent samples from thawing or freezing. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different laboratories.

Vertical freezers are common in laboratories as they take up less space and are easier to access than horizontal freezers. Some are equipped with features such as alarms and automatic closures to prevent samples from thawing or freezing.

When choosing a laboratory freezer, it is important to consider the type of samples that will be stored in it. For example, some are designed to store tissue samples, whereas others are better suited to store blood samples.

So, at Kalstein we have the right line of freezers for any laboratory, thanks to its wide operating voltage system ranging from 187 V to 242 V designed to allow units to be installed in areas with poor voltage conditions.

Preservation of Samples with the Use of Freezers

From the scientific point of view, the storage of hematological plasmas with the use of laboratory freezers is carried out in order to preserve the quantity and quality of the cellular components of blood plasma. Overall, blood plasma is 90% water, 7% red blood cells, 2% white blood cells, and 1% platelets.

Plasma is the liquid component of blood that carries red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Red blood cells carry oxygen to every cell in the body, while white blood cells help fight infection. Platelets are needed for blood clotting.

The storage process of hematological plasmas with the use of laboratory freezers is carried out in three main stages. In the first stage, blood plasma is removed from a donor and placed in a sterile plastic bag. In the second stage, the plastic bag is placed in a specially designed freezing chamber.

In the third stage, the freezing chamber is filled with liquid nitrogen to freeze the blood plasma. This process is carried out at a temperature of -196°C. Once blood plasma is frozen, it is stored in a laboratory freezer.

Storage Recommendations

The storage process of hematological plasmas with the use of laboratory freezers is very effective in preserving the quality and quantity of the cellular components of blood plasma. Frozen blood plasma can be stored for several years. However, it is important to note that frozen blood plasma is not stable indefinitely.

After storing frozen blood plasma for a period of time, it should be thawed and used immediately. If blood plasma is thawed and stored again, it rapidly degrades. Therefore, it is important to note that frozen blood plasma can only be stored for a limited period of time.

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