Multi Tube Vortex Mixer YR06048

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Product Description

  1. Digital display available;Stepless speed regulation;Touch/ run easy to switch.
  2. Microprocessor control, simplistic designed appearance, LED display the speed and time.
  3. Humanized program design, built-in short mix and timing operation modes. Operation stable and silent.
  4. Large orbital vortex, performance effective. Various types of foam tube frames and pads for option.
  5. Maximum process 50 samples at the same time to make the experiment more convenient and efficient.
Technical Specifications
Model YR06048
RPM 500 ~ 2800rpm
Amplitude 4mm horizontal swing
Time Setting 1min ~ 99h59min
Max Capacity 4.5kg100w
Input Power 100w
Dimensions 410 * 276 * 432 mm
Sample Capacity Test Tube Rack Specs Applicable Specs
(outer diameter mm)
50*ฯ†10mm ฯ†9~ฯ†10mm
50*ฯ†12mm ฯ†11~ฯ†13mm
(1.5/2ml Centrifuge tube)
50*ฯ†15mm ฯ†14~ฯ†17mm
(5/15ml Centrifuge tube)
50*ฯ†20mm ฯ†18~ฯ†21mm
15*ฯ†25mm ฯ†24~ฯ†27mm
15*ฯ†29mm ฯ†28~ฯ†32mm
(50ml Centrifuge tube)

Additional Information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 58 × 56 × 40 cm

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