Metallurgical Microscope YR0259 – YR0260

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Product Description

  • Mechanical Platform 180X155mm, Moving Range 40X30mm, Platform Pressing Piece, Small Platform: Drop Shape, Round Hole
  • Coaxial Coarse And Fine Focusing Mechanism, Fine Adjustment Value Of 0.002mm, Stroke (From The Surface Of The Stage Surface): 8mm
Technical Specifications
Model YR0259 YR0260
Head Binocular Head Trinocular Head
Eyepiece WF10X/18
Nosepiece Achromatic Objective 10X/0.25 WD=6.3mm
Flat field Achromatic Objective 40X/0.65 WD=0.7mm
Flat field Achromatic Objective 50X/0.75 WD=2mm
Achromatic Objective100X/1.25(Oil) WD=0.1mm
Light Source 12V/20W Halogen Lamp, Center And Brightness Are Continuously Adjustable
Filter Green, Yellow, Color film

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR0259, YR0260


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