Color Viewer Light Box with Drawer YR05545 // YR05547


Product Description

Model YR05545 // YR05547 color viewer light table features with upper and lower light and three drawers. It has 3 drawers more than YR05545 // YR05547, and others are the same with YR05545 // YR05547. It can choose one or two or three light sources from D65, D50, TL84 in the upper part, which will have 4 pcs installation there. And it also can choose only one light source from D65, D50 or TL84 in the lower part, which is with 6 pcs installation there. Different light source will have different price.
We offer standard light sources commonly used in the printing industry to meet ISO 3664:2009 standards.
YR05545 // YR05547 vertical standard light source color viewer is suitable for the printing workshop or proofing center with high environmental requirements. It can be applied to the printing factory with beautiful appearance, offset printing, flexo printing and gravure printing. It is also directly able to see the reflective manuscript.
YR05545 // YR05547 series vertical sample table is equipped with frequently-used lIght sources in prining industry, can meet the needs of ISO 3684:2009. It is also widely used for color checking in the feld of printing and dyeing, lextiles, plastis, hardware etc, which will provide standard enwironment for qualily checking in the process of sample comparison, production, quality inspection, acceplance ec. That is to say, it can help user improve the product qualty and market compettion.
Technical Specification
Model YR05545 YR05546 YR05547
Light Source
Tubes D65 D65   6500K   36W   D65    6500K      36W   D65      6500K     36W
D50 NO D50    5000K      36W D50      5000K     36W
TL84 NO NO TL84      4000K     36W
Power  AC220V  50HZ   AC220V  50HZ   AC220V  50HZ 
Worktable Size (cm) 135*90 135*90 135*90
Vertical Size (cm) 135*217 135*217 135*217
External Size (cm) 135*90*217 135*90*217 135*90*217
Drawer Height (cm) 12 * 3 pcs 12 * 3 pcs 12 * 3 pcs

Additional Information

Weight 119 kg
Dimensions 142 × 65 × 114 cm

YR05545, YR05546, YR05547


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