Kalstein’s Vertical Electrophoresis Laboratory Equipment: An In-Depth Look

In science, laboratory equipment plays a crucial role in obtaining accurate and replicable results. In this regard, vertical electrophoresis systems have become indispensable. Here are four outstanding models from the renowned Kalstein brand.

Model YR03426: Functionality and Efficiency

The Kalstein model YR03426 is the epitome of functionality and efficiency. With a glass plate size of 100x100mm and a gel size of 82x88mm, this equipment can hold 1 to 4 pieces of gel with a thickness of 1.0 or 1.5mm. It allows sample volume loads in 11 or 15 wells, depending on the gel thickness.ย 

In addition, this model has a considerable buffer volume of about 1,000 ml, allowing for long-term experiments. With dimensions of 220x170x120mm and a net weight of 2.5Kg, this equipment is perfect for laboratories that have limited space, but do not want to sacrifice the quality of their work. https://kalstein.ee/product/mini-protean-vertical-electrophoresis-cell-yr03426/

Model YR03428: Versatility and Performance

The Kalstein Model YR03428 is known for its versatility and performance. It features a glass plate size of 216x110mm and a gel size of 186x95mm, being able to hold 1 to 2 pieces of gel with a thickness of 1.0mm. This equipment stands out for allowing a wide range of sample volume thanks to its 25, 40 or 52 wells.

This model also stands out for its buffer capacity of around 1,800ml, which allows it to handle more demanding experiments. With a 280x140x135 frame and a net weight of 3.2Kg, this equipment is ideal for laboratories with high efficiency and precision demands. https://kalstein.ee/product/vertical-electrophoresis-tank-yr03428/

Model YR03431: Capacities and Design

The Kalstein model YR03431 stands out for its extended capacities and robust design. With a 216x220mm glass plate and a gel size of 186x205mm, it can hold 1 to 2 pieces of gel with a thickness of 1.0mm. The sample volume capacity remains flexible, offering 25, 40 or 52 wells.

The buffer volume of this model is impressive, reaching up to 3,500ml. The equipment dimension is 280x140x250 and weighs 5.6Kg, which makes it an excellent choice for laboratories looking for high throughput and high analysis capacity. https://kalstein.ee/product/rapid-ssr-vertical-electrophoresis-tank-yr03431/

Model YR03425: An Option to Consider

Finally, the Kalstein Model YR03425 is a versatile, high-efficiency option. This equipment features a 100x100mm glass plate and a gel size of 82x88mm, supporting 1 to 2 pieces of gel with thicknesses of 0.75, 1.0 or 1.5mm. The sample volume can be from 11 to 15 wells, accommodating different analysis requirements.

The buffer volume is about 750ml and the equipment has a dimension of 150x120x115mm, with a net weight of 1.5Kg. This shows that the YR03425, although compact, offers high analysis capabilities, making it an excellent choice for laboratories that need compact but efficient laboratory solutions. https://kalstein.ee/product/mini-protean-vertical-electrophoresis-cell-yr03425/

In conclusion, Kalstein’s vertical laboratory electrophoresis equipment has a wide variety of features that make it suitable for a wide range of scientific applications. Relying on Kalstein means relying on precision, efficiency and intelligent design.