Kalstein Veterinary Analyzers for Innovation and Accuracy in the Service of Animal Health

Veterinary analyzers are essential tools in veterinary medicine, playing a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring the health of our beloved animal companions. At Kalstein, they offer a wide range of state-of-the-art Veterinary Analyzers designed specifically for the unique needs of veterinary practices.

Kalstein’s products are noted for their advanced technology. Each device is meticulously calibrated to provide accurate and reliable results, ensuring that veterinarians have the vital information they need to make informed animal health decisions.

Quality and Durability: A Kalstein Commitment

In addition to advanced technology, Kalstein veterinary analyzers are known for their quality and durability.

Kalstein equipment has several advantages over other manufacturers:

  • Advanced Technology: Kalstein products stand out for their cutting-edge technology.

  • Quality and Durability: Kalstein equipment is known for its quality and durability.

  • Ease of Use: Despite their sophistication, Kalstein equipment is surprisingly easy to use.

  • Energy Efficiency: With a high quality thermal insulation system, Kalstein equipment ensures considerable energy savings compared to similar models from other brands.

  • Competitive Price: Kalstein offers the highest quality products at a competitive price, ensuring that all customers get the best value for their investment.

Here are just a few of the advantages that make Kalstein equipment a preferred choice for many professionals in the medical and research fields

Ease of Use: A Kalstein Priority

Despite their sophistication, Kalstein veterinary analyzers are surprisingly easy to use. This is due to their intuitive design and the detailed user guides provided by the company.

Kalstein’s veterinary analyzers can measure a wide range of biomedical parameters with high accuracy and in real time. Here is a list of some of the parameters these devices can monitor:

  • ECG (Electrocardiogram): This parameter allows monitoring the electrical activity of the animal’s heart.

  • Heart rate: The analyzers can measure the number of times an animal’s heart beats per minute.

  • SPO2 (Oxygen Saturation): This parameter measures the amount of oxygen in the animal’s blood2.

  • Temperature: The analyzers can measure the animal’s body temperature.

  • Respiration (RESP): This parameter allows monitoring the animal’s respiratory rate.

  • Systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure: These parameters allow monitoring the animal’s blood pressure at different phases of the cardiac cycle.

These are just some of the parameters that Kalstein veterinary analyzers can measure. 

Kalstein, Leading Innovation in Veterinary Analyzers

In short, Kalstein is at the forefront of innovation in veterinary analyzers. With their advanced technology, durable quality and ease of use, they are setting the standard for the future of veterinary medicine and research.

Kalstein’s veterinary analyzers have played a key role in the world of veterinary diagnostics. 

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