Discover the revolution in stirring and mixing technology: Kalstein Mixers Agitators

Advancements in lab science and technology are setting the pace in research across all fields of study. Among the vast array of essential lab equipment are rotary mixers and agitators. The YR06052 and YR06051 models from renowned manufacturer, Kalstein, are indispensable lab equipment for any modern laboratory. The advantage of using these Kalstein stirring and mixing devices is that they are specifically designed to provide utterly accurate and reproducible results, vital for any research lab.

Market competition is fierce, but Kalstein, with its philosophy of providing high quality laboratory equipment at a reasonable price, creates ideal equipment that allows for easy and accessible purchase.

Kalstein YR06050 Roller Agitator: innovative and functional design

Focusing on Kalstein’s advantage in agitation technology, the sale of its YR06050 Roller Agitator is enriched. This agitator is superior in terms of technology, adaptability and functionality. These results are designed to meet the changing needs of contemporary laboratories.

The YR06050 has a robust and compact construction, which facilitates efficient and uniform mixing of liquids in tubes or vials. Being a Kalstein product, the smooth rotation ensures effective mixing with minimal foaming.

YR06049 Multitube Vortex Mixer: accurate and efficient mixing

Kalstein goes even further in its effort to change games in the modern lab with its YR06049 Multitube Vortex Mixer. This lab equipment revolutionizes the way test tubes or reagent containers are mixed.

For labs in need of a multitube agitator at a reasonable price, it’s hard to beat the YR06049. It’s so compact and lightweight that it can be placed anywhere in the lab and mixes test tubes with incredible precision and efficiency.

Accessibility and convenience in purchasing Kalstein lab equipment

Thanks to its commitment to producing high-quality equipment at affordable prices, Kalstein has made the purchase of lab equipment a pleasurable and rewarding experience for labs of all scales. The sale of its products worldwide testifies to the trust and satisfaction it inspires among lab users.

Indeed, in the search for a lab equipment manufacturer that stands out for its quality, competitive pricing, and durability, Kalstein stands out.

An easy option to learn about Kalstein’s product range

For those interested in learning more about Kalstein’s product range, the company has made the enquiry process simple and hassle-free. Kalstein representatives are always willing to help customers make an informed choice. This way, users can ensure they meet their lab needs with equipment that’s truly worth each penny of its price.

Redefine your lab with Kalstein’s Agitators and Mixers and experience precision and efficiency like never before. If you want to learn about the high-end product catalog that KALSTEIN has for you, visit us at