Compact Recirculating Chiller: An Outstanding Solution for Laboratory Rotary Evaporators

As an expert in the design and sale of laboratory equipment, Kalstein proudly presents the Compact Recirculating Chiller, a unique solution designed to work alongside Laboratory Rotary Evaporators. This machine has the ability to maintain a constant process liquid temperature in a closed system. Furthermore, it reduces water consumption and facilitates controlled recirculation of chilled liquid, optimizing laboratory efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The Compact Recirculating Chiller, manufactured by Kalstein, is an indispensable device in the laboratory. Not only does it offer exceptional performance, but its price is competitive, making it an excellent investment.

Preserving Resources Through Recirculation

These devices allow significant water conservation compared to traditional cooling methods through recirculation. The constant purchase and refill of water for cooling systems can be expensive and harmful to the environment. The Compact Recirculating Chiller reduces this dependence, resulting in considerable resource savings.

Moreover, the Compact Recirculating Chiller accurately controls the temperature of the liquid, ensuring the rotary evaporator operates at maximum efficiency and safety.

Benefits of Buying the Compact Recirculating Chiller

Purchasing a Compact Recirculating Chiller from Kalstein guarantees quality devices, backed by years of experience in the manufacture and sale of laboratory equipment. Our customers receive dedicated customer service and the support of a trusted manufacturer.

In addition, our competitive prices ensure that our customers can acquire valuable laboratory equipment without detriment to the laboratory budget.

Some notable features include its compact design that allows its use in laboratories where space may be limited. Despite its compact size, the device maintains a high cooling capacity and provides effective circulation of the chilled liquid, providing unparalleled performance.

How a Compact Recirculating Chiller Can Improve your Laboratory

The acquisition of a Compact Recirculating Chiller from Kalstein can mark a before and after in the operations of your laboratory. Our customers report notable increases in efficiency and the sale of these devices has accelerated thanks to their resilient and practical design. Whether you are looking for a partial solution or a full lab equipment renovation, a Compact Recirculating Chiller may be the perfect addition.

Whether you are looking to purchase or simply find out more about our products, we are happy to help you find the best solution for your laboratory. Contact us today and discover all that Kalstein has to offer! If you want to know about the high-end products catalogue that we have for you at KALSTEIN, please visit us at