Common Laboratory Tests and What They Reveal

Laboratory procedures, which are of fundamental importance in the diagnostic and follow-up process of numerous conditions, have become the most reliable tools in modern medicine. Among the most common laboratory tests are the complete blood count, which measures the levels of different cells in the blood; the lipid profile, which evaluates cholesterol and triglyceride levels, essential for cardiovascular care; liver enzyme tests, which detect possible liver damage or disease; and the blood glucose test, vital for the diagnosis and management of diabetes.ย 

There are also laboratory tests that reveal data on renal function, electrolyte balance, bacterial infections, among others. Through the results of these tests, doctors can obtain a detailed view of our internal health, allowing early identification of possible disorders and the implementation of personalized treatments. Something as simple as a pinprick or a collected sample can reveal critical information about your health. Physicians use laboratory tests to aid in diagnosis, disease monitoring and treatment decision-making.ย 


Laboratory Tests

– Blood Biochemistry: Blood biochemistry measures the concentrations of various substances in the blood and, in many cases, can determine if our organs are functioning properly. The results can indicate kidney problems, diabetes, liver disease and many other conditions.

– Complete blood count: The complete blood count is another standard test that analyzes the components of the blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The results can reveal a wide range of conditions from anemia and infection to blood cancer.

– Electrocardiogram (ECG): The ECG detects and records the electrical activity of the heart. The results can diagnose cardiac arrhythmias, previous heart attacks and problems with the blood supply to the heart.

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