Common errors that can affect laboratory test results

Providing accurate and reliable laboratory results is vital to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. However, several factors can intervene, potentially generating inaccurate lab results.ย 

Laboratory test results are crucial to correctly diagnose and effectively manage a variety of medical conditions. However, there are numerous common errors that can inadvertently affect the accuracy and validity of these results.

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Common errors that can have an impact on laboratory test results

  • Pre-analytical errors

Pre-analytical errors can occur during the phase prior to the actual analysis of the specimen, primarily due to patient biological variability or improper specimen collection and transport. For example, the patient may have eaten or participated in intense physical activity prior to testing. Similarly, if the chemicals used to preserve the sample are not correct, or the storage temperature is not adequate, problems can also arise.

  • Analytical errors

Analytical errors often arise during the sample analysis process in the laboratory. These types of errors can be caused by inadequate equipment calibrations, outdated or out-of-date reagents, operator variability, or incorrect analytical procedures. The presence of these situations can lead to incorrect results and ultimately misdiagnosis.

  • Post-analytical errors

These errors often occur during interpretation and reporting of results. Improper handling of data can lead to inconsistent results, errors in interpretation and, as a result, possible misdiagnosis and treatment errors.ย 

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