Chemistry Analyzers KALSTEIN Brand (YR05116) vs Mindray BA-88

Chemistry analyzers are a fundamental piece of any clinical or research laboratory. They are highly precise devices that allow the analysis of varied substances and their chemical composition. When buying or selling them, it is essential to know the technical specifications and characteristics of each device. In this article, we will compare two leading brands: KALSTEIN (model YR05116) and Mindray (model BA-88), and highlight the advantages of using the KALSTEIN manufacturer.

Comparison of Technical Featuresย 

The KALSTEIN (YR05116) chemistry analyzer and the Mindray BA-88 feature various design and performance characteristics. Both have an absorbance range of up to 4.500 Abs and 3.5 Abs respectively, and a 7-inch color touchscreen, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

The main difference lies in storage capacity. KALSTEIN offers memory for 10000 sample results, far above the 3000 results of the Mindray BA-88. This translates into greater processing capacity and long-term efficiency.

Regarding wavelength range, both devices have a similar range. However, KALSTEIN includes an additional free position, allowing greater flexibility and adaptability to the laboratory needs.ย

Advantages and Disadvantages, Benefits, and The Most Suitable for the Laboratory

Among the advantages of KALSTEIN is its 24-month warranty, twice that offered by the Mindray BA-88. This additional warranty time represents a benefit for any laboratory, minimizing maintenance risks and ensuring adequate technical support for a prolonged period.

The price of both devices is competitive, making it important to consider a reliable manufacturer, such as KALSTEIN, which offers quality products and comprehensive post-sales service. Investing in a KALSTEIN device means a secure long-term investment for your laboratory.

In terms of disadvantages, neither of the brands presents significant issues. However, it should be noted that KALSTEINโ€™s storage capacity and long warranty surpass the features offered by Mindray.

Technical specifications tableย 

Brand KALSTEIN (YR05116) Mindray BA-88ย 
Absorbance precision 10 incubators, 3 times
Display 7 inch Color LCD Touch screen 7.0 inch TFT touch screen
Storage Memory for 10000 sample results More than 3000 sample results
Absorbency range 0~4.500 Abs 0~3.5 Abs
Warranty 24 months 12 months
Wavelength Range 340 nm,405 nm,492 nm,510 nm,546 nm,578 nm,630 nm,1 free position 340nm , 405nm , 450nm , 510nm , 546nm , 578nm ,
630nm and 670nm


Comparing the KALSTEIN (YR05116) and Mindray BA-88 chemistry analyzers, it is evident that KALSTEIN offers significant advantages in terms of storage capacity, warranty, and wavelength length flexibility. The final choice depends on the specific needs of each laboratory, but if you are looking for a commitment to quality, performance, and support, purchasing a KALSTEIN chemistry device is the right choice.