Care and Maintenance of Electrosurgical Units in Veterinary Medical Area

In veterinary medicine, electrosurgical units are a fundamental piece in various surgical procedures. The precision and safety they offer have made these pieces of equipment indispensable allies in animal operations. Therefore, it is essential to guarantee their correct functioning with appropriate care and maintenance.ย 

Veterinary medical equipment manufacturers, such as Kalstein, offer high-quality electrosurgical units to the veterinary sector, with attractive features and prices that suit the needs of each clinic or hospital. But beyond the initial purchase, it is necessary to consider the care and maintenance of the equipment to ensure its durability and optimal performance.

How to care for and maintain the electrosurgical units?

One of the first tasks after purchasing an electrosurgical unit is getting familiar with the user manual provided by the manufacturer. This document will contain specific details on the care and maintenance of the equipment, as well as safety and operation information.

In addition to following the manual’s guidelines, certain aspects common to all electrosurgical units should be kept in mind. Examples include the appropriate storage of the equipment. Make sure it is in a dry, cool, and dust-free location to avoid damage to its components.ย 

Care of the electrode system and wiring

The electrode system and wiring are critical components in an electrosurgical unit. They require regular inspection to detect signs of wear or damage that could affect their operation. A method such as proper sterilization is essential to prevent electrode corrosion, especially if they are reusable devices.

In case of any anomalies found during the inspection, contact the manufacturer or supplier of the electrosurgical unit. Prices and conditions for replacing damaged components will vary depending on the supplier, so it is recommended to contact Kalstein directly for specialized advice.

Advantages of a preventive maintenance program

A preventive maintenance program consists of a series of scheduled actions to prevent failures or premature wear of the equipment. In the case of electrosurgical units, it can include tasks such as:ย 

  • Regular cleaning of the equipment.
  • Component inspection.
  • Replacing parts with significant wear.

Cost-wise, implementing a preventive maintenance program could represent significant long-term savings. This is due to the costs involved in repairing damaged equipment or purchasing a replacement, which can be significantly higher than the costs associated with preventing damage.

In conclusion, the care and maintenance of electrosurgical units in the veterinary medical area is an aspect that should be carefully considered. It not only affects the functionality and lifespan of the equipment, but also the safety of patients and the efficiency of surgical interventions. Remember, when seeking buying and selling options for veterinary medical equipment, consider specialized companies like Kalstein to ensure the quality and durability of your investments.

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