An Indispensable for Industrial Laboratories: Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets

November 13, 2023by Kalstein

Kalstein safety storage cabinets have positioned themselves as essential tools in industrial laboratories. Thanks to their features, these cabinets ensure safe and optimal storage of chemical and biological products that can pose a risk if not handled properly. The use of Kalstein safety storage cabinets facilitates the preservation and efficient management of laboratory materials, protecting both personnel and the environment.

Flammable safety cabinets are devices specifically designed to safely store flammable liquids or substances. They offer a high level of fire protection thanks to their robust construction and special features such as self-closing doors and special ventilation system.

Types of Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets

Kalstein brand offer includes two main types of safety storage cabinets: safety cabinets for flammables and safety cabinets for acids and corrosives.ย 

60-gallon explosion-proof cabinet YR05471 // YR05471-2: Anti-static: each model is equipped with an OSHA standard electrostatic prevention cable clip. Ensuring safe use and handling.

YR05470 45-gallon explosion-proof cabinet // YR05470-2: Safe and reliable double lock: Two locks, two managers. Double security, padlock and cabinet lock, standardized management, enhanced safety factor.

YR05469 30-gallon explosion-proof cabinet // YR05469-2: Two locks, two managers. Double security, padlock and cabinet lock, standardized management, enhanced safety factor.

22 Gallon Explosion Proof Cabinet YR05468 // YR05468-2: Heavy duty adjustable laminate, Electrostatic grounding, security upgrade, Three colors, each with its own strengths.

Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets Features

Kalstein safety storage cabinets are designed with attributes that make them extremely safe and reliable. They offer rugged construction with carbon steel or high density polyethylene, depending on the model. The interior is equipped with adjustable shelves and compartments for effective organization.

They feature self-closing, self-locking doors to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, they feature a special ventilation system that helps maintain a safe environment inside the cabinet, preventing the accumulation of vapors. Kalstein cabinets also comply with relevant safety regulations, such as NFPA 30 and OSHA, which guarantees their performance in extreme conditions and ensures their quality and durability.ย 

Uses and Applications of Kalstein Safety Storage Cabinets

The versatility of Kalstein safety storage cabinets makes them suitable for a variety of laboratory environments. Industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, academic and research laboratories benefit greatly from these cabinets due to their features and functionality. Flammable safety cabinets are primarily used to store flammable liquids, such as solvents and fuels. On the other hand, acid and corrosive cabinets are used to store corrosive chemicals, for example, strong acids and bases.

On the other hand, acid and corrosive safety cabinets are designed with resistant materials to protect the contents against corrosion. These cabinets have special features such as chemical-resistant coatings and seals, ensuring safe storage of these potentially harmful agents. In summary, Kalstein safety storage cabinets are an investment to consider for any industrial laboratory seeking to maximize safety in the handling of hazardous chemical and biological products. Their robustness, safety and versatility make them an ideal choice to ensure efficiency and protection in the laboratory environment.



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