PCR Laboratory R290 Upright Stand Alone Freezer YR05321

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Upright PCR Laboratory Freezerย  With CE And FDA Combined Freezer And Refrigerator

PCR Laboratory Use Cabinet Freezer And Refrigerator YR05321

Safety Designe
  • To securely preserve/manage the valuable samples, in addition to a standard-feature door lock, a hole in the latch allows a padlock to be attached.
  • Security functions that help protect valuable samples with a temperature control capability that inhibits the change in temperature inside the chamber, and an alarm/security function that prevents errors, the unit maintains the quality of the preserved samples. Temperature recorder (optional)
  • Front-mounted display/control panel located at convenient height for easy access
  • Insulated door with gasket for sample protection and uniformity
  • Two temperature control systems with double door construction.
  • Flexible and easy storage by height-adjustable shelf trays
  • Maintains the quality of the samples during preservation
  • 2 completely independent chambers with their own temperature displays
Key Features
  • Refrigerator chamber with foaming heated glass door , you can observe the condition of its internal items
  • Freezer chamber with foaming solid door , high insulation design.
  • The separate top and bottom doors suppress cold air leakage and 2 completely independent chambers each has its own temperature control.
Easy To Clean
  • Top and bottom chambers are equipped with 2 independent refrigeration circuits that enables separate temperature settings and defrosting for the two chambers.
  • Corrosion resistant paint, easy to clean,will not rust.
  • Top and bottom chambers are equipped with 2 independent refrigeration circuits
  • The freezer chamber with vacuum release hole design, for open the door frequently for a short time
Technical Specifications
Model YR05321
Performance Refrigeration System
Cooling method Direct cooling Compressor brand/QTY China brand/2
Defrost Manual Condenser Copper tube
Refrigerant R600a &R290 Temperature controller Microprocessor
Temperature range F:-10โ„ƒ๏ฝž-25โ„ƒ R:2โ„ƒ๏ฝž8โ„ƒ Sensor NTC
Ambient temperature 10~32โ„ƒ Display Digital display
Electrical Data Dimensions
Voltage frequency(ย V/Hz) 220/50Hz Capacity(L/cu.ft) R:183 F:185
Power(W) 300W Exterior size(W*D*H)(mm) 730*830*1880
Current(A) 2.37 A Interior size(W*D*H)(mm) R:580*626*625(mm)
High/low temperature Y Inside door Freezer chamber: Drawersร—6
Power failure Y Test hole QTY/diameter 2/25MM
Sensor error Y Remote alarm port Y
Temperature controller failure Y Castor Y

Additional Information

Weight 176 kg
Dimensions 91,2 × 78,2 × 202 cm

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